Fluke Networks Introduces New, Integrated Approach To Network Analysis
OptiView™ Integrated Network Analyzer Combines Traffic Analysis, RMON2, Packet Decodes, Gigabit Support, Web-enabled Remote, And Active Discovery Into a Mobile Solution That Is Regarded as the Future of Network Analysis

Fluke Networks, the leading provider of innovative Network SuperVision Solutions™ for insuring reliable data communications and Internet uptime, announced today the global introduction of its new OptiView™ Integrated Network Analyzer for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of complex and constantly changing enterprise networks. Fluke Networks is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation .

"Legacy analysis tools are unable to keep pace with today's rapidly evolving networks," said Chris Odell, president of Fluke Networks. "Our philosophy is to deliver Network SuperVision, which means continually providing customers with new and innovative ways to look at their increasingly complex networks. OptiView is the latest manifestation of that philosophy."

"OptiView's integration of active, passive, and drill down analysis capabilities offers insight you can't get in a traditional protocol analyzer," adds Matthew Hebb, former VP/GM of the Sniffer Business Unit of Network General. "This approach is the future of network analysis."

OptiView defines a new category in network analysis by providing an integrated solution in several ways. First, it delivers a vision into networks unavailable anywhere else by intelligently delivering information collected from a variety of activities, including seven layer protocol analysis, active discovery, SNMP device analysis, RMON2 traffic analysis and physical layer testing. The value of having all these different solutions integrated into one box is that users have all the functionality of multiple tools at their fingertips, and information is provided in the context of what they need, when they need it. Second, OptiView leverages the investment of network management products already in the organization by collecting data from or providing information to those systems. And third, integration also means a design and user interface that is equally effective whether the unit is carried as a portable device or placed semi-permanently on a network link.

"While fixed solutions are ideal for some situations, they are often too expensive to implement anywhere except the most critical links such as backbones," said Mark Mullins, private networks marketing manager for Fluke Networks. "But often, network engineers need the kind of vision an RMON probe or analyzer can provide in other places throughout their network. The integrated nature of OptiView complements distributed monitoring solutions by providing a flexible approach to network analysis that is both mobile and comprehensive."

The Next Generation in Network Monitoring and Analysis

"In the past, a product this sophisticated has always required extensive set-up," said Mary Hennessey, Specialist -- Service Delivery Group at Verizon. "OptiView takes network analysis to the next generation by integrating multi- functions and intelligent information delivery on one screen. We've chosen OptiView as a network analysis solution because its simple yet comprehensive nature means getting rid of all other tools and their attending complexities."

Easy and Ready-to-Go Out of the Box

Immediately upon power-up, OptiView gathers information from a variety of internal and external sources and displays the results of these many network tests simultaneously on a Network Front Page. A color touch screen and icon- based interface speeds analysis, so users can focus on solving the problem instead of struggling to relearn the tool or set-up the next test.

Web Enabled Remote Analysis

The same intuitive User Interface that is viewed on the OptiView portable unit is replicated exactly when accessed remotely using only a network connection and a web browser. Real-time remote monitoring and problem discovery make it easy and economical to share knowledge and expertise across an organization. The Remote User Interface allows up to seven operators to access a single OptiView simultaneously.

Network Inspector Increases Visibility and Adds Documentation

OptiView integrates with Network Inspector™ software from Fluke Networks to offer enhanced network visibility and documentation. Network Inspector collects data from SNMP/RMON devices (including OptiView itself) for complete trending analysis and adds a notification function, which will e-mail or page the engineer in the event of a problem. Network Inspector employs Visio to automatically map the entire network infrastructure, saving hours of manually creating diagrams.

Pricing and Availability

The Fluke Networks OptiView Integrated Network Analyzer is available beginning October 30, 2000 from select Fluke Networks' sales channel partners worldwide. OptiView is offered in the three models: OptiView Standard is equipped with auto discovery, layer seven statistics and network discovery with SNMP analysis for $12,495; OptiView Pro adds intelligent application filters, protocol capture and decode, RMON2, and a 100BASE-FX interface for $14,995; and OptiView Pro Gigabit offers the same features as Standard and Pro models plus a single port, field changeable Gigabit Ethernet Interface (GBIC) for $22,995. All prices are U.S. list.

For more information, contact Fluke Networks, P.O. Box 9090, Everett, WA USA 98206, call 888-401-8473, fax 425-446-5043, e-mail fluke-assist@flukenetworks.com, or visit http://www.flukenetworks.com. In Europe and the Middle East, call or write Fluke Europe B.V., P.O. Box 1186, 5602BD Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 31 (0) 40-2678200, or FAX 31 (0) 40-2678222. In Canada call 905-890-7600 or FAX 905-890-6886. From all other countries, call Fluke Networks, Everett, WA, USA, at 425-446-5500, or Fax 425-446-5116.

Fluke Networks' solutions provide network owners, installers and maintainers superior vision, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to ensure maximum network performance and the fast resolution of problems. Fluke Networks, a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation and formerly part of Fluke Corporation, became a separate company in May, 2000. The company has over 300 employees worldwide and distributes its products in more than 50 countries. The company's worldwide headquarters are in Everett, WA, USA, with European sales and service headquarters located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

SOURCE: Danaher Corporation

Contact: Julie Kuntz, Public Relations Manager, of Fluke Networks,
425-446-5633, or julie.kuntz@flukenetworks.com