Danaher Corporation Announces Purchase of Zellweger Analytics Water Quality Business

Danaher Corporation announced today that it has purchased the Zellweger Analytics water analysis business from Zellweger Luwa, AG (Switzerland: ZEL) for approximately $40 million. Danaher expects the effect of the acquisition to be neutral to 2001 earnings.

Zellweger Analytics, with approximately $30 million in revenues, is a market leader in ultra-pure, drinking, and waste water analysis in Europe and the U.S. Zellweger is a leader in industrial pH, conductivity, and total organic carbon instruments, and also provides Danaher with high-end automated laboratory measurement capabilities in the ion analysis and chromatography markets.

"The Zellweger Analytics business is an excellent geographical and technological fit with our existing water quality platform. We are now the first company to provide a complete range of parameter analysis instruments to the marketplace," remarked George M. Sherman, Danaher's President and Chief Executive Officer.

Zellweger Luwa is a leading supplier of quality control systems for the textile industry, gas detection systems and air ventilation technology (http://www.zeluwa.com/).

Danaher Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Process/Environmental Controls and Tools and Components (http://www.danaher.com/).

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SOURCE: Danaher Corporation

Contact: Patrick Allender, Chief Financial Officer of Danaher
Corporation, 202-828-0850