Mitchell P. Rales

Mr. Rales is a co-founder of Danaher and has served on Danaher’s Board of Directors since 1983, serving as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Danaher since 1984. He was also President of Danaher from 1984 to 1990. In addition, for more than the past five years he has been a principal in private and public business entities in the manufacturing area. Mr. Rales is a member of the board of directors of Colfax Corporation, and is a brother of Steven M. Rales.

The strategic vision and leadership of Mr. Rales and his brother, Steven Rales, helped create the Danaher Business System and have guided Danaher down a path of consistent, profitable growth that continues today. In addition, as a result of his substantial ownership stake in Danaher, he is well-positioned to understand, articulate and advocate for the rights and interests of Danaher’s shareholders.