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Jessica L. Mega, MD, MPH

Dr. Mega has served as Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Verily Life Sciences LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. focused on life sciences and healthcare, since March 2015. Prior to joining Verily, she served as Cardiologist and Senior Investigator at Brigham & Women’s Hospital from 2008 to March 2015. Dr. Mega has also served as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a senior investigator with the TIMI Study Group, where she helped lead international trials evaluating novel cardiovascular therapies and directed the genetics program.

Dr. Mega oversees Verily’s clinical and science efforts, focusing on translating technological innovations and scientific insights into partnerships and programs that improve patient outcomes. Dr. Mega’s clinical background and experience re-imagining how clinical trial data is collected and analyzed offer valuable insights for Danaher, given our strategic focus on life sciences and healthcare applications.